TikToker shares Canva’s insane company perks, including free Grab rides to & fro the office

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Natalie Teo |
April 26, 2023, 5:45 pm

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TikTok user Miel (@honeydeli) has gone viral for a recent video where she shares some pretty sweet company perks that she gets at her workplace.

Miel works for the Philippine branch of Canva, an online graphic editing tool, and some of its employee benefits might make you very envious indeed.

Her video, uploaded on Apr. 13, has now accumulated more than 3 million views and 25.3k shares, but comments have been disabled.


4 years with Canva & still feels surreal 🥹🦋 #canvalife #canvaph EDIT: ‼️ hindi po grab driver jowa ko HAHAHAHA ib: @Le⁷ hehe

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The TikTok is titled “What I spend in a day as a Canva employee”.

Spoiler alert: The answer is, apparently, “nothing”.

The perks of being a Canva employee

According to Miel, Grab rides to and from the office are paid for by the company.

If you ask me, not having to jostle with other people at peak hour on public transport is incentive enough for me to head to the office every day, but wait… it gets better.

Breakfast, lunch and a third meal called meryenda (which means “snack” or a light meal) are also provided.

And if you think these are just simple fare, you’d be wrong.

Check out some of the menu items that Miel shared, which include:

  1. A breakfast spread with a salad bar and cold cuts
  2. Lunch, consisting of cheesy pork loin wrapped in bacon, broccoli and cheese soup, roasted asparagus with balsamic glaze and grated parmesan served with tuscan salad, and garlic and chives mashed potato
  3. Smoked salmon pasta as a snack/light meal

For some reason, if you’re still hungry after all that, the company also provides an array of snacks for their employees, from froyo to crisps.

And of course, most importantly:

Made by an in-house barista, no less.

So many questions

If you, like me, have QUESTIONS after watching this, I am here to (kind of) answer them.

1. How much money does Canva actually make to be able to afford all of THIS?

The company is valued at US$40 billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable startups, according to Forbes, after they raised US$200 million in new funding in 2021.

They were also ranked forth on CNBC‘s 2022 Disruptor 50 list, a list of companies that the cable business calls the “next generation of Silicon Valley”.

2. Are these perks for real?

To find out, we checked out the #canvaph hashtag on TikTok to see if other employees had shared their experiences too, and we have to say, it seems pretty legit.

The froyo machine and toppings definitely exist:


“Hinde ang sarap kasi niya” but I’m not referring to the froyo #canva #canvalife #canvaph @Canva @Canva_PH #marthstone #froyo #frozenyogurt #foodtok

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Not only do employees get three free meals, there’s even a rooftop with a herb garden and alfresco dining:


Marami samin pumupunta sa office because of this! 🤤 #canvalife #officetour #mayopeningbadyan #canvaph #wfhlife #designtok #creatives

♬ Food – Densky9

And even a quarterly care package that includes fresh produce and other kitchen essentials:


@canva_ph gave us choices for our quarterly care package and I chose the fresh produce one! No regrets! #CanvaPH #CanvaPHJobs #Canva #CanvaLife

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3. How do I apply to work there?

You’re welcome.

Top image via honeydeli/Instagram.

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