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May 12, 2023, 3:17 pm

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You know Dee Kosh.

Since his release from prison, the former deejay, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, has come out multiple times to tell his side of the story on the events that led up to his incarceration.

He had recently served 32 weeks in prison for sexual offences involving teenage boys, and returned to social media in March 2023.

Most recently, he was a guest on Singapore influencer Xiaxue’s YouTube channel, where she promised to “ask him the difficult questions… about what really happened behind the scenes”.

While the pair have been friends for years, Xiaxue says that she did not know the truth of his sexuality.

She’s had her suspicions, and wondered if he was “pretending” when he shared about his past experiences with ex-girlfriends.

In the video, he clarified that he was “technically bi[sexual]”, and discovered that he was also attracted to men while he was in college.

He said that he’d always had an inkling, but never acted on it as his family was “deeply religious and very conservative”.

What happened

It all started when Darryl made a TikTok reaction video mocking another creator, who he thought should be given less attention.

Person A, who he had considered as a potential talent hire for his company at that time, made a post calling him hypocritical, and that Darryl had sexually harassed him.

Person A had also alleged that some of the talents on his channel at that time had slept with him to get on the videos.

Darryl confessed that he had previously propositioned Person A for paid sex, but backed off when he declined.

After the first allegation by Person A, Darryl approached Xiaxue, who advised him to issue a Cease and Desist letter.

All the other allegations—eight in total—Darryl said, came after this accusation.

Xiaxue asked Darryl why he thought his accusers suddenly banded together in solidarity to report him.

“I would like to believe that they believed it was the right thing to do… to stop me,” he said.

Because of the number of accusations against him, Darryl said, it made him look like a predator, and they felt that they needed to stop him.

Xiaxue suggested: “I think some of them actually felt that you were using your power, like Harvey Weinstein, to entice people to join your channel.”

Darryl agreed with her, but asserted that he had always kept his public and private life separate, adding that he longer spoke to individuals who thought that they could get on his channel by sleeping with him.

Xiaxue went on to rubbish the idea that Darryl’s accusers were “victims”, saying that Darryl they had not been hurt and that Darryl had “never physically touched these boys”.

“They want to be famous, they’re tagging each other… It’s a bit distasteful… And it’s at the expense of my friend,” she continued.

“But like, I got cancelled, I lost everything. But they also not famous, you know, like no one won!” Darryl replied.

“I’m not targeting young boys”

Xiaxue also asked Darryl what he thoughts were on the sentiments that his accusers were “brave” for exposing him so he could not target other underaged boys.

To this, Darryl stressed again that he was “not targeting young boys”.

“These guys didn’t have their ages (on their Instagram profiles). I thought they were attractive, I talked to them, then found out their age,” he said.

The group of accusers, he said, were an “anomaly” and “probably the youngest [he’d] approached”.

However, since they had come out together in a group, it created the impression that Darryl only approached young boys.

After this episode, Darryl said, he would request to see the identification of his partners first.

Suicidal thoughts

Xiaxue then directed the conversation to hate comments, and admitted that she had a “fleeting thought” of suicide, though never acted on it.

For Darryl though, he said that he had considered it because it would be “easier for everyone”.

“The only thing that kept me going was really, I didn’t want to die a paedophile.”

The Eden Ang incident

In 2018, actor and influencer Eden Ang, was accused of sexually harassing an 18-year-old girl.

Image via Eden Ang’s Facebook page.

Notably, Darryl was one of those who had called Eden out, and even shared screenshots of the messages between Eden and the girl.

Xiaxue asked Darryl what he thought about people calling him a “hypocrite” after the allegations surfaced, especially after the stance he had taken.

Darryl said that the difference was that he had backed off after being rejected, but Eden had continued to make his advances even after being turned down.

He also reiterated that he did not know he was doing anything wrong (Darryl had previously said that he was unaware that it was illegal to have commercial sex with persons under 18).

His family’s reaction to the news

The YouTuber shared that when the news first broke, he immediately ran away from home as he thought that his family would throw him out.

On the second night, however, his family contacted him.

He recalled his father saying: “I need you to come home… What you need now is your family.”

The day before the trial, his family organised a dinner, which Xiaxue was present at.

It was decided that his mother would not attend the trial as “it would kill [her] in a certain way that wouldn’t kill any other person”.

However, she entrusted Darryl’s friend, Huiwen, to be there in her stead and give him “eyes of love”.

Darryl was visibly emotional as he recounted the incident.

Dire financial straits

At one point, Darryl did not have enough money in his account to order a plate of curry rice.

After Xiaxue found out about his financial situation, she sent him S$1,000.

The sum of money came at a time when he had “nothing”, and he sent a long heartfelt message thanking her.

There were also others who helped him, but Darryl did not name them.

Daryl had previously said that he was thankful for some people who had stayed by his side throughout the ordeal, but was afraid to name them for fear that they might get attacked.

“Why are people so adamant about me being a paedophile?”

Darryl had previously spoken about being uneasy around children, and this even extended to Xiaxue’s son, Dash.

This, he said, was not because he was attracted to young children, but because of what their families might think.

However, he questioned: “Why are people so adamant about me being a paedophile?”

Xiaxue suggested that because of the stigma surrounding paedophilia, they had already applied the hate to him, and considered him a “menace to society”.

The prison experience

Darryl also shared a little about the experience in prison, including how different it was from the CNA documentary, Inside Maximum Security.

While the prison wardens in the documentary were portrayed as strict, Darryl shared that they would typically “close an eye” when it came to minor infractions like having pictures on the cell wall.

He also shared the “top three women in prison”, referring to pictures of women that inmates would take from magazines to decorate their walls.

They are apparently: Fiona Xie, socialite Kim Lim and deejay Sonia Chew.

On a more serious note, he shared his encounter with an actual paedophile behind bars, which he had earlier spoken about in another interview:

‘I refuse to die a paedophile’: Dee Kosh on why he had to tell his side of the story

Images via Xiaxue’s YouTube.

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