The great debate on parking at S’pore private estates continues on Jade Seah’s Instagram Stories

To park or not to park?

Natalie Teo |
March 29, 2023, 5:55 pm

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Jade Seah has taken to Instagram again on Mar. 28 to share her thoughts about non-residents parking near private property.

The model and host had previously shared her frustrations about “self-entitled” private homeowners after she received a handwritten note on her windshield that read:

“Please do not park here. Let those who stay here, park here. Thank you.”

Jade Seah defends right to park along private estates after ‘self-entitled’ homeowner leaves note on her windshield

Jade went on to reveal that she had previously had her car tyres slashed and her front bonnet scratched, after she parked in such areas.

“First come, first served”

This time, Jade’s friend had shared with her an article on the matter.

Residents of Meragi Close, a landed property estate, had reportedly taken to leaving typed-out notes reading:

“Do you live in Meragi Estate or are you visiting residents of Meragi Estate?

If not, please do not park here.

Please park at your HDB car park, which has been reserved for you, as HDB residents or guests of HDB residents.

We are short of parking spaces for residents and guests of residents here.

We appreciate your understanding and considerations for us.

Thank you, residents of Meragi Close.”

In the original submission to Stomp, the source said that they had once caught some homeowners “damaging, vandalising, and putting notes on cars”.

They also alleged that these residents would sometimes park very close to the cars of non-residents, making it difficult for them to manoeuvre their way out. 

Meragi Close is situated in Simei, next to a cluster of HDB flats known as Parc Lumiere.

Jade pointed out that Meragi Close residents could also park at the HDB carpark, should they find a shortage of free lots in their own estate:

“It is not true that HDB parking is reserved only for HDB residents or guests of HDB residents, just as it is not true that the free parking at Meragi Close had been reserved for residents/guests of Meragi Close.”

Similarly, parking on the road, she said, is not exclusively for residents and their guests, and should be on a “first come, first served” basis.

Nevertheless, she acknowledged that this was a “contentious issue”, and pointed her followers to a guide by

To park or not to park?

Based to the guide, drivers can park on both sides of the road in private estates, as long as:

  • There are no lines on either side of the road, and
  • The lane divider is a single non-continuous white line.

As to where you can’t park, the Land Transport Authority-run site One Motoring has some helpful guidelines:

Image via OneMotoring.

Image via OneMotoring.

Top photos via Jade Seah’s Instagram page.

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