Nas Daily creator & girlfriend break up after 6 years

They still remain friends though.

Natalie Teo |
May 23, 2023, 12:00 pm

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After six years, content creator Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas, and partner Alyne Tamir have called it quits.

In a 13-minute long video uploaded on May 22, the pair made the announcement while giving viewers a brief summary of how they met and fell in love.


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For Nas, it was “love at first message” when Alyne sent him a message saying that she saw his video and that it would be “fun to hang out and talk and explore”.

He continued:

“I loved everything about her. Her way of talking. Her sense of humour. The way she capitalised words. Her kindness, her personality, her looks, her culture. Everything. And I still love all of that about you.”

Meanwhile, Alyne responded that also continued to love many things about Nas, including “his ambition, his generosity, his intelligence, his perception, and his ability to communicate and connect with so many people”.

Nas also recapped some of their relationship highlights, which included visiting 70 countries, meeting presidents and even getting fake married in India and Papua New Guinea.

Wanted different things from a relationship

However, both conceded that the relationship just wasn’t working out anymore.

“At some point. I stopped taking her on dates. I focused all my energy into the videos and my company assuming the relationship was fine. But it wasn’t fine,” Nas admitted.

Turning to face each other, the two spoke candidly about what went wrong.

Addressing Alyne, Nas said that he could not give her what she needed in a relationship, and vice versa.

For Alyne, she felt that she was asking for attention in the relationship, and not getting it from him:

“I was not having my bids for attention responded to. I feel like you were going into your own world. And I was getting pushed out of that world.”

Both of them agreed that Nas had focused all his energy on the company, and “that ended up destroying everything”.

“No future” in being together

Nas also admitted that at the four to five-year mark, he no longer saw a future in their relationship, as the pair “couldn’t agree on many fundamental things” such as how and where to live, or whether to have a family.

He explained:

“I was like, Wait a minute. Why invest in something that’s going to break apart in two, three, four years? So it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Alyne said that even while they were together, she was already “grieving the relationship”.

Visibly agitated, she said that she felt like Nas did not prioritise her while they were together, instead always starting on one venture or the other:

“I will never be the priority. I already waited six years, almost seven years. And that’s too long, and I’m not gonna live forever. I have one life and I want to be the priority even if I’m only the priority to myself. Because you were my priority.”

“I wish we could have made it work,” said Nas.

Afraid to invest in the relationship

Nas said to Alyne that he didn’t feel that he possessed the emotional capacity that Alyne needed to feel like a priority.

Alyne disagreed. She said that she thought he was “afraid of investing” in their relationship.

Nas conceded the point, saying that he felt that he lacked a “sense of security” because he felt that Alyne was not able to commit to anything together.

She countered:

“What more is there to commit? I commit my whole life to you. I move wherever you want to move. I live where you want to live. I support you career. I help you with anything you want. I commit literally my entire life.”

Nas went on to say that their relationship was “loveless for the most part”, adding that the two did not even say “I love you” to each other.

He went on to clarify that he knew that she loved him, but it didn’t feel that way, possibly due to differing love languages.

Becoming different people

Both agreed that in the past six years, they had become different people who wanted different things in life.

Now laughing, they shared a picture of their last day together to “remember the good times, and say goodbye to each other forever”.

“I’m happy you entered my life. I really, really feel happy that I got a chance to meet you,” Nas said to Alyne.

She replied: “I’m happy that we learned and grew and accomplished so much together. I’m happy it’s finally time.”

The two remain friends, and in an update from Nas in the comments section, Alyne will be speaking at the Nas Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, in June 2023.

Images via Nas Daily’s Facebook and Instagram.

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