Guo Lai & his ‘white white drink’ (sorry): A TikTok saga explained

I could really use a Hundred Years of Solitude after writing this.

Natalie Teo |
April 28, 2023, 11:42 am

We’re not starting a cult but some followers on Instagram would be nice. Thank you.

These videos are probably (at least) a little disturbing to you:


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Everyone wants my #whitewhitedrink #yoyic

♬ original sound – Guo Lai 过来 – Guo Lai 过来


And so the 4-cent TikTok yoghurt drink is back to haunt us again.

Or rather, should we call it by its “proper” name, “white white drink”?

(Yes, we read your comments.)

The original TikTok was posted by Tommy Wong, better known to audiences as “Guo Lai”, but it has since been taken down.

Who is Guo Lai?

Short answer: He’s part of Uncle Raymond’s entourage.

Uncle Raymond as in the guy who dances in public to a cover of Faye Wong’s “Hundred Years of Solitude” (百年孤寂):


Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. #uncleraymond #fyp #tiktoksg🇸🇬

♬ 百年孤寂 – 184 諺

Raymond started posting to TikTok in March 2020 with his good friend, Lily.

In February 2022, his dancing went viral, garnering him quite the fanbase.

He began informing his followers of his location ahead of time, and fans would join him in his dancing.

Along the way, he acquired a group of regulars who would join him on his dances, alongside his fans.

Guo Lai (which means “come over” in Chinese), so nicknamed because of his propensity to invite members of the public to dance with the crew, is part of this group.

You can see him in the blue shirt in the video below:


Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. #uncleraymond #fyp #tiktoksg🇸🇬

♬ 百年孤寂 – 184 諺

People thought he was being exploited

Sure, the video Guo Lai uploaded was in questionable taste, but no one could have predicted how it has since unfolded into quite the confusing saga.

If you’re wondering why he was hawking the drink in the first place, it’s because Guo Lai is one of many creators on TikTok’s affiliate programme, which helps users monetise their content.

The yoghurt drink is one of the products that they can choose to sell and earn a commission from, and it goes for as low as S$0.99 for a pack of 24 bottles for the first purchase.

Cringe factor aside, speculations began to mount that Guo Lai was being exploited, with some in the comments section even saying that he had a mental disability.

Guo Lai has since turned off comments on most of the videos on his channel, but put up a video denying this.


I’m NOT mentally disabled

♬ original sound – Guo Lai 过来 – Guo Lai 过来

“Mentally disabled can do GrabFood meh? Mentally disabled can do live and also earn money from TikTok?” he questioned in his video.

He went on to address the commenters, calling them “worse than mentally disabled” as they used TikTok for free while he made money from it.

In another video with his wife, she questions Guo Lai: “Why [do] people say we are being exploited?”


Haters hate, but they don’t earn as much as we do #siliconstrap #siliconstrapwatch

♬ original sound – Guo Lai 过来 – Guo Lai 过来

His response?

“They don’t know we are earning!”

The plot thickens

In March 2023, explicit images of Guo Lai’s wife were leaked online. These were allegedly from Guo Lai’s lost phone, and he claims that they were taken with her consent.

A police report has since been made, according to Guo Lai.

However, things are not as simple as they seem as another TikTok user @ahmeowsiaoliao, has now entered the conversation.


I rest my case #fyp #tiktoksg #guolai #popo #whitewhitedrink #trending

♬ original sound – ahmeowsiaoliao – ahmeowsiaoliao

He claims that when the pictures were leaked, he had messaged his wife, her friends and even Uncle Raymond to inform them of the situation, but did not receive any replies.

“It’s so obvious that both of them are being manipulated by someone behind the scenes,” he asserted.

If you’re thinking: “Wait a minute, doesn’t this guy look familiar?”, you would be correct.

He’s the S$2 briyani guy who also donates food to the needy and goes by “Popo”.

In his video, Popo also alluded to an altercation with Guo Lai at a police station, and Guo Lai allegedly claimed that he had taken those explicit photos of his wife “in case she pass[es] away”.


There is none.

On Apr. 26, however, Guo Lai uploaded a now-deleted video showing what appears to be a six-way TikTok live.

It involved Guo Lai’s wife, Popo, as well as four other users, including local actress Kelly Kimberly Cheong.

In the clip, Popo is seen asking Guo Lai’s wife, “You and Guo Lai got f**k or not,” which she declines to answer.

In another video uploaded by user @uwantucomeknn, seemingly from the same session, Popo was also seen asking Guo Lai’s wife if he had ever compelled her to shoot videos or take explicit pictures.

She insisted that both were done consensually.

On Apr. 27, using a separate TikTok account, @popodracula, Popo uploaded another video addressed to Guo Lai.

“I’m sorry I found evidence that the pictures were leaked way before you lost your phone,” Popo said, referring to the explicit photos of Guo Lai’s wife.

Popo that he had made a police report on this new finding, as well as the Telegram group where the photos had been shared.


PUBLIC APOLOGY #fyp #tiktoksg #popo #guolai

♬ original sound – popodracula – popodracula

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