Wong Li Lin didn’t defend her act of clinging on to Ronaldo’s arm. An imposter did.

Plot twisting itself into a pretzel.

Mandy How |
June 12, 2023, 5:16 pm

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Former host and actress Wong Li Lin has been accused of being touchy with Cristiano Ronaldo during an event at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In a viral Tiktok uploaded on June 7, user @khan7_yt pointed out that the footballer looked “visibly irritated”, and speculated why that may be the case.

“In my opinion I think it’s because he was asking his security guards to move away. Which when you analyse the video, probably is actually (sic) I think is the main reason why he looks so irritated.

Or is it no. 2, because Wong Li Lin, the auntie you guys have been calling in the comments section, was touching Ronaldo’s arm and he was a bit agitated about that.”


Replying to @Sakura why is CR7 irritated? #ronaldo #cr7 #sgtiktok #fyp #singapore

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While a number of users felt that that Li Lin was touching Ronaldo excessively, others pointed out that he could also be feeling disgruntled due to the weather and the jostling.

Another TikTok showing Li Lin holding on to Ronaldo’s arm as they walked along drew similar sentiment about the physical contact.


“Wong Li Lin” responds

Li Lin, who now works at Mint Media Sports as its chief executive, appeared to respond to the hoo-ha via local media.

(Mint Media owns the image rights to Ronaldo, and was involved in the event.)

Lianhe Zaobao reported on June 9 that she told them she was leading Ronaldo and telling him what to do next, only holding on to his arm to lead him through the crowd.

Noting Ronaldo’s status as a football legend that “everyone wants to interact with,” Li Lin was also quoted as saying:

“I believe, if majority of the netizens who left comments had the opportunity to meet him, they will make even more moves.”

The 50-year-old also added that she did not care about what the masses were saying.

Except it was not actually Wong Li Lin

It was someone pretending to be Wong Li Lin.

Zaobao issued a correction on June 12, explaining that the previous article they put out was erroneous, as it was not the real Li Lin who responded to them.

A reporter from the Chinese publication had reached out to the former actress via social media, following which the account owner responded.

However, after the article’s publication, Li Lin’s public relations team reached out to Zaobao, clarifying that she had never provided a statement, and that the social media account was not hers.

The correction article added that they have since removed the previous report and apologised to Li Lin, as well as those affected.

Fake account still active

On the surprisingly cool afternoon of June 12, however, the fake account still remains active.

One might want to admire the blue tick painstakingly photoshopped into the profile photo, as well as the pinned posts about One Direction.

A quick check shows that the account has had its username changed in the last 90 days.

Even after the correction article was issued, the fake Li Lin continued to post on their Instagram Stories.

Going as far as to put up the exchange between themselves and the Zaobao reporter:


Top image via @@khan7_yt/TikTok and IMDB

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