A TikToker’s pet cat was allegedly confined for 38 hours without food & water by China Airlines

She plans to take legal action with an international lawyer.

Natalie Teo |
July 19, 2023, 3:40 pm

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Taiwan’s national carrier—China Airlines—has received heavy criticism online for the way they allegedly handled a passenger’s pet cat.

TikToker & OnlyFans creator Nina Galy uploaded a video on July 6 to lambast the airline for a travel experience that left her “traumatised”.

According to Nina, her cat, named Baby Cat, was left confined for 38 hours in a cage with “no food, water, or any place to relieve herself.”

What happened

Nina was travelling from Los Angeles to Bali, Indonesia with a planned layover in Taiwan.

The owner says that all her paperwork for Baby Cat’s travel was in order, and her vet had issued her travel certifications to enter Indonesia.

The travel expenses and certifications for Baby Cat came up to about US$1,300.

When she reached the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), she was told that Baby Cat had to be placed in the cargo hold in a cat carrier.


China Airlines says “Human Error” is the reason my Cat is stuck in Taiwan.

♬ original sound – Ninadoesthemost

In a separate interview with Insider, Nina said that she had expected to be able to ride with Baby Cat in the cabin, but was told otherwise at the airport and even charged four separate fees totalling US$730 to simply get her on the plane.

When she reached Taiwan, however, she was told by a manager that Indonesia would not accept Baby Cat, and that she would have to fly back to the U.S. on her own dime.

At this point, Baby Cat had already been confined without food or water for 13 hours.

“When I paid for Baby Cat to fly, they put a tag on her bag that said: “Final destination: Bali”. At that point in time, if she was not able to go and enter Bali, why was that even able to print from your system?” she questioned.

She was allegedly told: “Human error is the reason why we allowed your cat to get on the flight.”

Image via China Airlines/Facebook

Nina added to Insider that not only did China Airlines refuse to cover the cost of her flight back, the manager apparently also said to her: “I do not accept your opinion. China Airlines does not owe you anything.”

She eventually gave in and paid US$1,800 to fly back home.

However, the plane would only leave 13 hours later, and she was not allowed to see Baby Cat during that time.

Along with the return flight duration of 12.5 hours, it would be 38 hours before she was reunited with her cat.

In another update before she boarded the flight home, Nina said that she was “praying to Jesus Christ that she (Baby Cat) [was] okay,” adding that she hoped the airline would let Baby Cat out of the carrier.


Replying to @Dani.

♬ original sound – Ninadoesthemost

She also addressed comments accusing her of “torturing [her] cat”.

“I literally scheduled this for months… I’m the one who’s moving to Bali. We’re not going on a short little holiday. I’m going to be there for a minimum of seven months… We’re building a house there guys, so I wanted to bring my OG cat. She’s 10 years old, she’s never been away from me for that long.”

Up until that point, Nina said, everyone, including her vets and the airline, was under the impression that Baby Cat would be cleared for entry into Bali.

Pursuing legal action

In a July 7 update, Nina posted a video of herself and Baby Cat from her mother’s house, saying that they were safe and Baby Cat was fine, although the feline had peed and thrown up in her cage during the ordeal.

She said that a China Airlines representative had spoken to her, but she was not revealing what was said due to “legal reasons”.

However, she divulged in her caption that “the gravity of this situation” was known before she arrived in Taiwan, and the airline also accepted responsibility for its “human error.”


I’m choosing not to share the details of what was told to me for legal reasons. However, the gravity of this situation was known BEFORE I arrived to Taiwan, and they also did accept responsibility for “human error.” So now I’ve got even more work to do with this😢

♬ original sound – Ninadoesthemost

She told Insider that she believed that during the 38 hours, Baby Cat had not been fed or allowed out of her carrier, “because her cage was zip-tied shut”.

Nina also shared that she would be pursuing legal action on the matter.

On July 8, Nina shared another Baby Cat update captioned: “Our last night together for a while…❤️😢”.

According to recent updates on her TikTok, Nina is now in Bali.

Top image via Nina Galy’s TikTok.

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A TikToker’s pet cat was allegedly confined for 38 hours without food & water by China Airlines

She plans to take legal action with an international lawyer.

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