She became a couch potato after dropping out of school at 18, but now walks for London & Paris fashion weeks

Who else who could pull off microbangs like that??

Mandy How |
September 15, 2023, 4:57 pm

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When she dropped out of her diploma programme at Temasek Polytechnic, Kaci Beh did not think that she would become a high fashion model.

Photo via Kaci Beh’s Instagram page

Now at 24, she’s been on multiple magazine covers, as well as walked for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani on the runways of London, Paris and Milan.

Parental guidance… not


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Ironically, she found her way into the fashion industry—something her mother initially disapproved of—only because she had picked up a course that her mother wanted her to.

She wanted to pursue something fashion or design-related, and had no real interest in retail management, the model reveals, but enrolled in it as she was encouraged to study a business course so that she could “get an office job”.

In her second year, however, Kaci decided that the path was “not for [her]”, and took the leap of quitting.

But the model life did not come immediately after; then 18, Kaci devolved into a couch potato, much to the dismay of her mum.

“I just kept telling her, I’ll do something, I’ll do something, but in the end I didn’t do anything,” the model recounts, somewhat sheepishly.

Photo via Kaci Beh’s Instagram page

“I felt very guilty lah, but thank god I had an opportunity for modelling.”

What Kaci meant by “opportunity” was passing the notoriously stressful casting call at Basic Models, although she didn’t tell us so (we googled).


Tattoos are not taboo

Now, it seems her mum has come around, becoming “more supportive” of whatever Kaci wants to do—including tattooing.

Yes, Kaci is one of the rare models who’s tattooed—something that has cost her “a lot of [opportunities]”.

“But I knew that was coming, because Singapore, at that point in time, was still not very open to having tattooed models.”

Now, however, the trend has changed: Kaci finds that the industry has become more inclusive, and she’s grateful to the brands who hire her.

Photo via Kaci Beh’s Instagram page

Photo via Kaci Beh’s Instagram page

Despite being international runways and jobs picking up in recent years, Kaci feels that her modelling career has a certain lifespan.

As it is, she describes her income as “unstable”—which is why she has side jobs, including doing tattoos and interning as a graphic designer.


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“After my end date, there’s obviously something I want to pursue, which is freelance graphic design, or maybe expand my tattoo career,” Kaci tells us.

Recently, she’s also been making waves on TikTok for helping out her boyfriend—a model and vegetable seller—with his business:

@Bryan works as a vegetable seller and @KACI BEH works as a vegetable seller’s ✨girlfriend✨ Here’s what it’s like for them. #modeling #sgtiktok #modellife

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Top image via Kaci Beh’s Instagram page

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She became a couch potato after dropping out of school at 18, but now walks for London & Paris fashion weeks

Who else who could pull off microbangs like that??

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