Mandy How

Unable to find jobs, Gen Zs in China are returning home to be ‘full-time children’

Not as cushy as it sounds.

K-drama ‘King the Land’ offends Arab viewers with portrayal of alcoholic & womaniser prince

The TV network has since apologised.

Scoot allegedly downgrades influencer & paying customer Daryl Aiden Yow from business to economy 2hrs before flight

No business, no pleasure.

S’pore influencers Titus Low & Cheryl Chin are giving away Coldplay concert tickets to followers

They camped on eight devices for a chance to buy the tickets.

S’pore’s entertainment circle much kinder than K-pop industry: Former K-pop idol Tasha Low

Harsher than winter out there.

Man outed for alleged affair by people on the internet after street photographer captures him & woman

He was supposed to be on a business trip.

Wong Li Lin didn’t defend her act of clinging on to Ronaldo’s arm. An imposter did.

Plot twisting itself into a pretzel.