TikToker brutally mocked for filming herself convulsing on bed after bad break-up


Mandy How |
June 9, 2023, 3:50 pm

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A young woman has been the subject of endless mockery on TikTok after putting out a video of herself, post-break-up.

Uploaded on May 27, the one-minute clip starts with Tammy Chow convulsing on the bed as she processes the “most triggering break-up” she’s had in nine years.

The content creator, who is based in the U.S., explained that the separation had happened right before a nine-day family trip.

Using quasi-literary prose, the rest of the video largely focused on how she felt during the holiday, until “the goddess came to save [her]”.

Tammy continued:

“She mirrored the tears pouring from my heart into my pelvic bowl causing an expansion in my body that let me hold the paradox of tumultuous grief moving through while honouring the finite time I have left with my parents.”

The TikToker, who identifies herself as a trauma healing and soul alignment coach, then sells a six-month programme in her caption:

Bracing from my dad’s incessant, unnecessary urgency, my mom filling every silence with mindless conversation, and the panicked freeze happening in my body after a fresh breakup, I spent the first half of this trip screaming on the inside while wearing a dead-pan resting bitch face on the outside. My body felt like it was closing in on itself more each day, until I allowed the earth to take my pain away.

Knowing how to work with energy in my body helped me transform from suffering through the trip to using it as a container to practice staying with myself and being in my experience, so I could stop performing to meet everyone else’s needs.

There are still spots open in my program Awakening the Wild Woman where we get to practice these thriving strategies in an intimate healing group container.

Apply in the link in my bio. ☺️ I will be having more discovery calls for this group next week!

The sign-up form for her programme asks how much a potential participant is “willing and able” to invest in themself, giving options from “I’m not ready” to “$4,501 – $6,000”.

Screenshot from Somatic Spirit Studio’s website.


The video has hit 3.7 million views.

Reactions on TikTok: brutal

If you were to search “Tammy Chow stitch” on the social media platform, you would see innumerable reactions to her video… and they were not encouraging.

One of the top liked responses featured another user stifling her laughter and saying, “No amount of heartbreak—no amount of heartbreak could convince me to post that I’m sorry.”


#stitch with @Tammy Chow | Trauma Healing im sorry.

♬ A sad but beautiful chorus like a church funeral – Kurippertronixxx

Others mocked Tammy’s convulsions by spasming violently on camera as well, pointing out that she consciously decided to set up a camera and film her breakdown.



♬ –


#stitch with @Tammy Chow | Trauma Healing this app is so strange sometimes #fyp

♬ A sad but beautiful chorus like a church funeral – Kurippertronixxx

The comments on Tammy’s TikTok were largely in the same vein:

On Instagram, however, the same video elicited reactions that were much more empathetic. 

For all the blowback, Tammy remains quite unperturbed online, continuing to post content about her personal healing journey.

“Doesn’t take away the validity of what she went through”

Among the countless stitches making fun of Tammy, at least one other woman has spoken up for the healing coach.

Jae argued that the relentless mockery actually shows how uncomfortable society is with true portrayals of mental health struggles.

“[…] It doesn’t matter that she taped herself going through the struggle and she edited the video and she posted it.

It doesn’t take away from the validity of what she went through and the fact that her showing it online is helping people who are going through a similar struggle at home, behind closed doors […]”

Those who dismissed Tammy’s pain are those who’ve had their own pain dismissed, Jae said.

She then urged everyone to create a safe space for those who need help:

“Make it safe for people to come out here and show their mental health struggles. Make it safe because you know what’s gonna happen in the long run? That means you, when you’re in your moment of need are gonna feel safe coming out and really asking for help when you need it.”


#stitch with @Tammy Chow | Trauma Healing Make it safe to share mental health struggles, so less people have to hide their pain on their own behind closed doors. #emotional #mentalhealth #voceslatinas #panic #anxietyrelief #depressionanxiety

♬ A sad but beautiful chorus like a church funeral – Kurippertronixxx

Top image via @somaticspirit, @casio_figueroa, and @meatymollie on TikTok

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