Actor Edwin Goh & ex-girlfriend Darina Sheremet throwing & dodging accusations at each other

Internet dodgeball.

Natalie Teo |
June 30, 2023, 3:32 pm

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Three months after going Instagram-official and starting a crochet business together, Singaporean actors Edwin Goh, 28, and Rachel Wan, 27, are relocating.

In a video uploaded to their new YouTube channel Ed & Rach on June 27, the couple announced their impending move and asked viewers to guess where they would be headed.

However, in the same video, Edwin also claimed that his former partner, Ukranian model Darina Sheremet, had been “unfaithful”.

Photo via Darina’s Instagram.

Allegations of physical violence by ex-girlfriend

The revelation prompted commenters to ask Darina if this were true in the comments section of her Instagram post celebrating her 21st birthday.

In response to a user asking if she had cheated on Edwin, Darina alleged that Edwin had hit her in the face and stole her money:

Photo via Darina’s Instagram.

Another user questioned the veracity of her claims, pointing out that she had “no evidence”.

Photo via Darina’s Instagram.

This prompted Darina to respond that she had “dozens of pages of evidence” and offered to send it to the user if they revealed their identity.

Photo via Darina’s Instagram.

Addressed Darina’s allegations

Edwin later posted a story denying the allegations, but apologised for “distress caused by [his] comment” in the YouTube video.

Photo via Edwin’s Instagram.

Edwin then clarified that he had not meant to disrespect Darina and admitted that on hindsight, should not have shared this as it was a “private matter” between the two.

He added that he had helped pack and send her belongings back to her after her visa had expired, and even helped transfer cash to her as he wanted to “put the past behind [them]”.

The actor also revealed that Rachel and himself would be headed to Australia on July 1.

Darina’s response

Approximately an hour after Edwin’s clarifications, Darina also put up an Instagram story denying that she had cheated and added that “no woman ever deserves to be physically beaten or verbally abused by a man: ever”.

She also said that she had chosen to keep quiet “in order to not further hurt his career”.

Photo via Darina’s Instagram.

Entering the YouTube space

Separately, Rachel also put up an Instagram post explaining why she had decided to get started on YouTube.


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A post shared by Rachel Wan (@iamrachelwan)

She said that she had been “battling this love-hate relationship with being a public figure on Instagram for many years now” and being told what to do, say and wear.

However, she was “inspired by how much more authentic creators are allowed to be” on YouTube.

Addressing hate comments

In the same video, the couple also answered questions from their followers on Instagram, as well as rumours and “hate comments”.

Among them were complaints that their crochet products were too expensive.


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A post shared by Unravel & (@unraveland)

“The prices that we decide to put on our items, we feel like [they’re] pretty reasonable with the number of hours that we put in,” said Rachel.

She also said that the items were mostly original designs that could not be found elsewhere, and other brands in the market sold their products at much higher prices.

Babelfish has reached out to The Celebrity Agency, Edwin’s artiste management agency, to find out about his arrangement with them when he’s no longer based in Singapore.

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