2 women were caught faking a beach clean-up in Bali. But the internet went after the wrong person.

One of the women was labelled a 'fake influencer'.

Natalie Teo |
July 11, 2023, 11:22 am

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It seems like anything on the internet can be fake these days.

But one unlucky pretender has been caught in the act of faking a beach clean-up in Bali.

In a clip uploaded by TikTok user Noy Roca (thesocialjoker) on July 5, a woman, believed to be an influencer, was seen filling up black trash bags with what looked like twigs.

She pretended to struggle with the load of the bags while being filmed by a companion, and followed this with a dance.

After filming, the two women proceeded to leave the trash bags behind before heading off.


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The video has now gained almost two million views and more than 3,000 comments, with users in the comments section clamouring for them to be exposed.

Mistaken identity

With the internet now on a virtual manhunt for the women, one innocent Instagram user has unfortunately been caught in the drama.

A user misidentified one of the women as entrepreneur Deanna Carbone, prompting a wave of hateful comments calling her out on her Instagram posts.

Deanna deactivated her Instagram account at first, but then reactivated it and posted a video clarifying the situation.

“That girl doesn’t look anything like me. She has longer hair than me and she looks a lot younger than me. I’m flattered but it’s not me,” Deanna said.

She also called out commenters for “blindly following other people and not really doing their research”.

“If there was somebody [affected by] this attack that wasn’t as mentally strong as me that was going through a really tough time right now, you could be really negatively impacting their life,” Deanna said.

Noy also put up a video telling his viewers to “stop attacking the wrong person”, adding that there was “zero proof” that Deanna was one of the women in the video.

Latest update

The women have yet to be identified, but on July 10, Noy posted an update on the incident.

He confirmed that the video was filmed in Canggu, Bali, on July 4, just after 1pm.

It was earlier speculated that the video had been taken in Australia.

Noy also clarified that the video was taken by his friend Victor and his girlfriend Alysha, and that the couple had no affiliation with the women.

“No way, shape or form has this video actually been staged or set up,” he asserted.

He also suggested that the women may have already seen the initial video he uploaded and decided not to post the footage they had taken.

In his video, Noy also asked that his viewers “try and avoid hateful, harassing and abusive comments towards anyone”.


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